Month: August 2013

Campaign against Dog fouling

Statement by Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown on Rutherglen Reformer campaign against Dog fouling

Robert Brown said:
“I am delighted to support the Reformer campaign Nae Messin’ against dog fouling – many congratulations to the paper for running it.

I have long campaigned against the nuisance of dog fouling and irresponsible owners who don’t or won’t pick up after their pets. Most dog owners are highly responsible but a minority in all areas cause a disproportionate problem. Dog faeces are a danger to health, particularly of small children, as well as an unpleasant hazard in our streets in Rutherglen.

Blind people too, or people with sight loss, are particularly badly affected because they can’t see the dog droppings. This includes many elderly people whose eyesight is poor.

The Reformer campaign will match the Council’s forthcoming “Wanted” campaign to target dog fouling offenders. The Council are authorising more staff to impose on the spot penalties for offenders. I am particularly keen on the large correx posters which will go up in targeted areas. I have seen this work well in areas like North East Fife.

I hope local people and local groups will really get on board with these efforts to tackle the menace of dog fouling. The Helpline number is being widely publicised and information about offenders is hugely helpful in enforcement.”