Council to report on local housing regeneration challenge

10th March 2018

A report has been promised from housing officials on the extent of structural and environmental work required currently on council housing across South Lanarkshire. The promise was made following a demand from Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor at the Council’s recent Executive Committee. Housing officials said it could be a snapshot in time but Councillor Brown said council tenants were entitled to know where they stood, the extent of the problems and how long they might have to wait to fix them.

Robert Brown said:

“I have argued for some time that many of the older council houses across Rutherglen have been left behind, despite paying their rent for many years – and indeed seeing a significant increase in rent this year and next.

In Springhall, there are major environmental problems with back green areas, rubbish collection systems, close mouths, slabbing, bin shelters and lockups. The areas around many houses and tenemental blocks are unattractive and decaying. We have managed to get some money spent each year to regenerate small parts of the estate but it is far too slow and will take the best part of 20 years to complete at this rate.

In other areas like Blairbeth, Spittal, Fernhill and Cathkin – and indeed in similar parts of other wards in Rutherglen and Cambuslang, there are pockets of both tenenental and semi detached housing which still have the original roughcasting which is no longer fit for purpose and looks very grey. In addition, there are structural and roof issues to be tackled.

The promised Report from the Housing Department is a very small step – but at least it should give a clearer idea of the extent of the physical and financial challenge – and give a basis for taking it forward.

I understand the need for new housing – but it should not be at the expense of existing longstanding tenants.”

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