Burnside RBS Closure is “A significant hammer blow to the local Community” – Robert Brown

14th July 2017

The confirmation from Royal Bank of Scotland that their Burnside branch is to close on 12th October is “a significant hammer blow to the local community”, according to Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown who represents the area.

Robert Brown said:

“The Royal Bank seem to have forgotten that personal customers, local businesses and local Voluntary Sector groups are their base, as they have been for several hundred years.

It is the Bank that had to be bailed out by the public after the financial crash – and indeed is still part owned by us – because the greed of its top management almost collapsed the UK economy.

It does not look as if RBS are even yet focusing on their local customer base or thinking in terms of providing the services that people want.

Burnside branch is a busy branch- there are usually customers in it, whatever the time of day. In Burnside, many customers are older and less keen on using online banking facilities – they prefer a more personal service. Local businesses too need a facility to receive cash taken in by their business. I have always supported the role of the Post Office and Royal Mail but the Post Office facilities are not a satisfactory alternative.

When the closure was proposed, I asked RBS to reconsider but I also suggested to them that they might look at the option of sharing public access facilities with the other Banks which could save them some money whilst still providing public access banking arrangements to Burnside customers. Unfortunately this was rejected – indeed their first letter was clearly a standard reply and I had to contact them again for a proper reply.

It seems to me quite obvious that the so called consultation was never intended as anything other than a box ticking exercise.”

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