Council are failing local people on tenement planned maintenance and environmental work

22nd August 2018

South Lanarkshire Council are failing local people over flawed plans for tackling tenement close painting, gutter maintenance and environmental upgrades in the area. This was the view of Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown following discussion of the issues at the Council’s Housing Committee on Wednesday.

The Committee heard that the Council had had to revise its plans for planned maintenance on gutter cleaning, painting of tenement closes and other painting because of difficulties in getting sign up from private owners in the tenement buildings. In addition, spending on much-needed environmental works in areas like Springhall was low down the priority list as against new house building, central heating and energy improvements to houses.

Robert Brown said:

“I know of tenement closes which have not been painted for 40 years. There are also gutters which, as someone observed, can be like rooftop gardens with the amount of weed growth on them.

I accept there are sometimes problems with buildings where individual flats have been bought under the Right to Buy or are in the hands of absentee landlords. The Council must find ways to tackle this, both by looking at how maintenance can be done more economically and by investigating improved ways of helping owners to afford or spread out the costs.

It is also high time that the environmental improvement programme for Springhall was speeded up. The work done on certain areas like Ross Place and Slenavon Avenue makes a great deal of difference but the condition of close mouths, slabbing, bin areas, back courts and greens across much of the rest of Springhall needs urgent attention. People pay significant rents and should be entitled to a reasonable standard of environment outside their doors.”

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