Council information on missed bin collection needs to be improved

4th March 2018

The recent bad weather has caused problems of all sorts for local residents with schools closed, travel advised against, and supermarkets running out of bread.

One casualty of the bad weather was the bin collections – which in this area means the blue and red bins – which were not able to be collected from Wednesday to Friday last week.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown said the information available to residents about this was inadequate. According to the Council website, residents were told to leave their bins out for collection “and we will empty it as soon as we can get back to your area”. However it was clear from early on that the Council would not be able to catch up on the missed collections – and would only be dealing with the scheduled collections for next week ie the green/black general refuse bins.

Robert Brown said:

“There was very clear and up to date information on the website about when schools would be closed or open – but nothing whatever about changed bin collections arrangements. I was told on Thursday that something should be up on the website about this later that day – but, as of Sunday, there was nothing up at all. There was, certainly, a notice on Facebook but not everyone has that and not everyone notices it – the website should be the easiest place to check things out.

This is not just unsatisfactory but also misleading because people thought they were supposed to leave the blue and red bins out. I have had a number of complaints about this. In reality the red bins will be collected on the usual cycle next week (week beginning 12th March) and the blue bins in 3 weeks’ time.

I have nothing but admiration for the road gritting staff and the workforce from Lands Services and Cleansing who helped them on the gritting, but there are clearly lessons to be learnt about getting speedy and accurate information out to the public. The Council has a big IT department which should be capable of dealing with this.

I have asked the Chief Executive to review how information is put out to the public during winter emergencies. ”

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