Ellen Bryson demands action on Richmond Drive and Calderwood Road traffic

11th September 2017

A demand for urgent action on traffic hotspots in Richmond Drive and Calderwood Road has come from Ellen Bryson, Liberal Democrat candidate in the forthcoming Rutherglen Central and North Council By election. Ellen Bryson made her call amid concerns about traffic volume and speed in the area which are used as rat-runs by traffic as short cuts, or to avoid traffic lights or other hold ups.

Ellen Bryson said –

“There has been growing local concern about the pressure of traffic in these streets and I am fully behind local residents who want to see action taken to tackle it.

Much of the traffic going through local streets is not local traffic but people looking for the quickest route through the area to somewhere else. Local people want to see streets made safer and traffic speed curbed.

Richmond Drive is astonishingly busy, especially at peak times. It is made worse by the downhill gradient and the difficult junction at the bottom where the traffic calming has created new problems.

Calderwood Road has become part of a regular route from East Kilbride Road via Western Road, Langlea Avenue, Hawthorn Walk and Calderwood Road either through Rutherglen Town Centre or to the motorway. It also has both Stonelaw High School, the back entrance to Calderwood Primary School and the difficult Dukes Road junction on its route with considerable dangers to local children.

Both roads need effective traffic calming measures on them to make them less attractive routes for motorists and reduce the speed of those using them.”


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