Full Report promised on Cathkin Relief Road situation

1st July 2017

A full report on the implications of the collapse of Land Engineering, the contractors on the Cathkin Relief Road, has been promised by South Lanarkshire Council, following a demand by Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown. Land Engineering went into administration at the end of May following the completion of the road construction but leaving a number of landscape and other aspects unfinished.

Robert Brown said:

“The contract for the Cathkin Relief Road involved Land Engineering being responsible for finishing off the landscape work and, crucially, maintaining the landscaped areas in a decent condition for 5 years afterwards. Clearly, with the firm going into administration, this is all up in the air.

It is clear that there are still a lot of loose ends to be finalised. The grassed areas leave a good bit to be desired, there are areas which need to be cleared of stones and leveled off and there are poor finishes in some parts along the outside of the project. There are other individual issues, some resurfacing of neighbouring roads and some community benefit promises to be taken forward such as the path through the wood from Glenfarg to Hillhead Avenue. On top of that, there is the complex issue of maintaining the landscape, cutting the grass, replacing and maintaining bushes and bringing some landscape area up to scratch. The Council’s own Land Services are doing some work on temporary maintenance but that needs to be put on a proper basis as soon as possible.

I also want to see the precise financial position – how much has been kpt for retentions, what is the financial impact of the 5 year maintenance arrangement, have we lost any money due to the administration and so on.

The Chief Executive, at my request, promised an early report on all this and I am sure the local community will be keen to know the position too as soon as possible. I hope the promised Report will at least focus the key issues and provide a plan going forward.”

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