Lead European Liberal Democrat candidate campaigns in Rutherglen – as local Liberal Democrats are buoyed by voter surge

12th May 2019

Lead Scottish Liberal Democrat European candidate Sheila Ritchie was in Rutherglen on Friday knocking doors in Burnside in support of the Party’s European Parliament elections. (Photo shows Sheila Ritchie with part of the local Liberal Democrat campaign team.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown, who was out with the team on the doors, said it was great to have Sheila Ritchie in Rutherglen. He was amazed at how many parts of Scotland she had already been to during the campaign.

Robert Brown said:

“There is one overriding issue in the European elections – which is to stop the disastrous Tory/Labour Brexit – and this is influencing many people’s votes, left, right and centre across Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

The Liberal Democrats have a high quality team of candidates for the European elections – as befits our standing as the leading pro-Remain Party. Sheila Ritchie is a highly experienced solicitor with considerable EU expertise, a longstanding Liberal Democrat campaigner and is the current Convener of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. She will make a great MEP. We are extremely hopeful of winning back the European Parliament seat we held at every election from 1999 apart from last time.

Sheila’s visit was followed at the weekend by several opinion polls showing the Liberal Democrats ahead of the governing Conservative Party in voting intentions for the European elections on May 23rd. This is quite phenomenal and unprecedented and it bears out what we found on the doorsteps on Friday and on our other recent doorknocking sessions. 

Local people – like voters right across the UK – are rejecting the Conservative and Labour Parties in huge numbers. And they are quite right to do so after the incompetent shambles which Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have made of the whole Brexit matter. I don’t think I have, in my political lifetime, known a time when both the Government and the Opposition leadership were so unfit for their roles. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader is pretty much facilitating a Tory Brexit.

There is a major and sustained swing to the Liberal Democrats at present. In the English Council elections a week ago, Liberal Democrats gained 704 new Councillors – the highest number of gains since the Party was founded. In Northern Ireland, our sister party, the Alliance Party, had major gains too.

In Rutherglen we have met considerable numbers of longstanding Conservative and Labour voters who are opting for the Liberal Democrats this time. I expect this trend to accelerate as we get towards polling day.”

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