Liberal Democrats attack “mean-spirited” Conservatives

22nd May 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to snatch away the savings of older people to fund care in their own homes have been savaged by Rutherglen & Hamilton West Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Brown. Robert Brown described the Tories – whether in London or in Scotland – as “still the nasty Party” and said that older people the length and breadth of Britain would shudder at the sheer unfeeling and uncomprehending nature of the Conservative proposals.

Robert Brown said:

“For 70 years, there has been a contract between the public and the government that, in return for paying taxes and national insurance payments, they would be looked after in old age. Now Theresa May – and Ruth Davidson’s – Conservatives are proposing that people should face what is effectively a “Personal Death Tax” charged against their homes. And the more help you need, the more the Conservatives will snatch away from you when you die.

The cost of at home care currently met by the State would now be clawed back after death, hitting nearly a million vulnerable people. It is clear that, under the Tories, when you are old and frail, the costs are going to be down to you and you alone.

Most people don’t like this cold, mean-spirited, Conservative approach to our most vulnerable citizens. The Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to give social care the extra funding it needs, properly funded with a penny on income tax to pay for it.

All Theresa May’s talk of helping the Just About Managing will ring hollow as long as this bad decision remains in place.”

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