Liberal Democrats offer a new start and a brighter future

29th May 2017

Rutherglen & Hamilton West Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Brown said today:

“The choice at this election is clear – to change Britain’s future with the Liberal Democrats – or to divide and damage Britain and Europe with the SNP and the Tories. The Liberal Democrats are the best choice for voters who want to hold back the Conservatives and build a progressive opposition to a Tory government.

Liberal Democrats are against an unwanted and divisive second independence referendum. We stand full square for Scotland staying in the United Kingdom and for Britain staying in Europe. No one else offers that mix, particularly since Labour lost the plot.

The Brexit process, initiated by the Tories because of toxic divisions in their Party, has been an incompetent disaster from start to finish. It has landed us with a potential exit bill of £60 billion even before we begin. The Tory hard Brexit will also make it much harder to pay for public services.

People want a new start – a better, more federal relationship for Scotland and the other nations and regions of the UK, keeping our wider partnerships in Europe, NATO and the Commonwealth, and tackling the major issues in education and health.

Liberal Democrats will stop Theresa May’s brutal personal home levy (the “dementia tax”) and will keep the triple lock we introduced in government ensuring steady increases in the state pension.

Our progressive, outward-looking message is focused on real priorities –to invest in education and the NHS, particularly in mental health, all of which have gone downhill under the SNP government.”

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