Liberal Democrats score on Campaign trail

29th May 2017

Local Liberal Democrats took their message to the streets of Rutherglen, Cambuslang and Burnside on Saturday with local candidate Robert Brown leading street stalls in the all 3 town centres, handing out leaflets and talking to local people.

Robert Brown said:

“We had a really great response from local people and I was very gratified by the level of support we are getting in all three areas.

People like our progressive, outwards-looking message, focused on real priorities – they were interested in Liberal Democrat plans to invest in mental health, education and the NHS, all of which have gone downhill under the SNP government.

What was very striking too was the strong opposition to both the SNP who want to break up Britain and the Tories who are landing us with both mean-spirited policies like Theresa May’s “dementia tax” on elderly care and an unnecessarily hard and isolationist Brexit which will make it much harder to pay for public services.

There is a strong sense that people want a new start – a better, more federal relationship for Scotland and the other nations and regions of the UK, keeping our wider partnerships in Europe, NATO and the Commonwealth, and tackling the major issues in education and health.

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