Liberal Democrats welcome Frank’s Law to support free personal care for under 65s

1st July 2017

Proposals being put forward in a Member’s Bill in the Scottish Parliament to provide free personal care for people under 65 with a serious degenerative illness have been welcomed by local Liberal Democrats.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown said that Liberal Democrats in the Scottish Parliament had been key to delivering free personal care for over-65s – but that it was now urgent to extend this to the smaller number of people under 65 who were in similar need.

The proposed legislation is known as Frank’s Law as a result of a campaign by Amada Kopel whose husband Frank – a former Dundee United footballer- was diagnosed with dementia when he was 59.

Robert Brown said:

“There is some way to go on this yet. I understand the Members’ Bill has the support of all Parties except the SNP. However the Scottish Health Secretary has promised a review over the summer and I hope this will prove positive. Liberal Democrats passed a motion at our last Conference in favour of Frank’s Law and it is supported by the Tories and Labour in Edinburgh.

Frank’s Law aims to end the situation where people under 65 who have conditions such as dementia, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and cancer have to pay for the care they need. The situation of people under 65 with degenerative illnesses like this is tragic and difficult and there is no obvious reason why they should not receive the support that others get. The pressures if you have dementia or MND for example are the same whether you are 55 or 75.”

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