Limetree Unit closure “lost” between 2 Health Boards

17th June 2018

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brownsaid this week he was appalled at the secrecy surrounding the proposed closure of the Limetree Unit care facility at Rodger Drive by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, reported last week in the Rutherglen Refomer. He claimed that the issue appeared to have got lost somewhere in the bowels of the NHS machinery – the facility is located in Rutherglen which is now part of Lanarkshire Health Board but run by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

Robert Brownsaid:

“I am pretty certain that none of the local Councillors were advised of what was happening here – I certainly wasn’t.  Even worse it is now clear from documents theReformerhas identified that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde have been trying to offload the Limetree Unit for several years – it was part of a “saving to be delivered” as long ago as 2016!

I have written to the Chief Executives of both Glasgow and Lanarkshire Health Bords demanding more information as to what is happening and why it appears to being slipped through away from public knowledge.

This is not the first time that the future of Health facilities serving Rutherglen and Cambuslang have been kept secret. We all remember the furore over the GP Out of Hours facility at the New Victoria when Rutherglen patients were to be shifted to Hamilton without consultation. That one was only stopped after I discovered it by accident after attending an NHS Lanarkshire meeting.

There may be good arguments for changing the way the NHS provide or support services. There is no argument at all for doing these things privately without public knowledge or debate. It is also high time that the Rutherglen and Cambuslang area was properly treated by the 2 Health Boards rather than being an inconvenient bureaucratic anomaly. The reality is that, despite the focus on Lanarkshire organisation and Council links, geography means that many local people want to continue to be dealt with either locally or by Glasgow hospitals or other services.

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