Local Liberal Democrats take European campaign to the people

26th March 2018

Local Liberal Democrats were out on the streets in Rutherglen, Cambuslang and Blantyre at the weekend taking their campaign to force a public vote on the terms of Brexit to local people.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brownand local Liberal Democrat activists ran street stalls in the 3 centres and talked to passers by about the issue. Leaflets are also going out across many doors in the local area. The street stalls and leaflet drive are part of the Liberal Democrat National Action Campaign against Brexit.

Robert Brownsaid:

“We had a really good reception from local residents. Most people are horrified at the unfolding disaster of Brexit which is already costing jobs and business, damaging security and harming our Universities.

Our job is to persuade people that we can stop Brexit if people across the United Kingdom are determined enough. Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a referendum on the terms of Brexit – with an option to stay in the European Union if we wish. Opinion polls now suggest that the very narrow and indecisive referendum vote in 2016 to leave the EU would have a different result if it was being held now.

The biggest obstacle to stopping Brexit in its tracks is Jeremy Corbyn. Instead of doing his job as Leader of the Opposition, the Labour leader has given a free pass right down the line to Theresa May, Boris Johnston and Michael Gove. Yet most Labour supporters are strongly in favour of remaining in the European Union. I can’t imagine what local Labour supporters think Jeremy Corbyn is doing by backing the Tories’ hard Brexit.

As it turns out, the Campaign to stop Brexit is well timed – following the allegations that the Leave campaign breached election spending rules as well as the furore over the sacking of Owen Smith by the Labour Party.

Former Labour leadership contender Owen Smith MP came out in support of a referendum on the terms of Brexit – and got sacked by Jeremy Corbyn for his trouble. Apart from Owen Smith, the Liberal Democrat position on this is now supported by a number of other senior Labour politicians and by people like the former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major.

There is clearly everything to play for. This is a vital time and people must stand up and be counted if they want to safeguard Britain’s continued membership of the EU Single Market – and of the EU itself.”

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