Local Liberal Democrats welcome new Party Leader

24th July 2017

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed Vince Cable as the new Liberal Democrat leader. Rutherglen Councillor Robert Brown commented that Vince Cable had the standing and experience to make sure the Liberal message was strongly heard, not least on the way forward on Europe.

Vince Cable was at one time a Labour Councillor in Glasgow – he is therefore well placed to attract support across the political spectrum.

Robert Brown said:

“Vince Cable has predicted that Brexit may not happen and that he wants to offer “an exit from Brexit”. It is increasingly clear that the whole sorry Brexit process is a slow-moving car-crash and that it is time to think again.

We have the unprecedented situation of an incompetent Conservative Prime Minister and government who seem incapable of negotiating with the European Union – and a Labour Opposition leader who has totally lost the plot. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have given the Tories a blank cheque on a hard Brexit. I cannot recall a time when the Opposition on the key issue of the day was so pathetic.

Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats offer a different future and I think we will be joined by quite a few Labour and Tory MPs looking for a way out of the mess as the Brexit negotiation plunges onwards and downwards.

I welcome the letter last week from senior figures across Scottish politics, business, academia and the arts calling for a halt to Brexit. Liberal Democrats have argued all along that Theresa May will never be able to get a deal for Britain outside the EU as good as the one we now have as members of the European Union. This is one of many signs that public opinion is turning against Brexit.”

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