Local residents up in arms over Cathkin By Pass lights fault

25th September 2017

Local residents in the Cathkin By Pass area are up in arms over the lighting fault which has kept the By Pass in darkness since the end of August. A street lighting control pillar was damaged on 30th August and Scottish Power attended the same day to make the supply safe. The Council Lighting Department installed a new control pillar the following day and asked Scottish Power to reinstate the electricity supply. However the company have 30 working days to do the work which allows them until 19th October.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown said:

“This is a totally ridiculous situation where the lights on Cathkin By Pass will have been out for 6 weeks. The Council have now got a promise that the work will in fact be done on 10th October which is a slight improvement but it appears that Scottish Power are allowed the 30 working days – equivalent to about 6 weeks – under rules laid down by Ofgem, the Regulator. I have written to Ofgen to find out the background and to urge a review.

Meantime my constituents in Cathkin and Springhall have the main road through the area left without street lighting during the hours of darkness. It seems to me that, if the Council can do the substantial repair within 24 hours, it should not be impossible for Scottish Power with all their resources to restore the electric supply much more quickly. I can see no compelling reason for them

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