NHS Assessment shows harsh reality of Brexit for the Health Service

17th October 2018

Commenting on the news from NHS Lanarkshire that Brexit would have a “high impact” for the NHS, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brownsaid:

“I am totally fed up with Theresa May and the supporters of Brexit dismissing all these things as scare stories. The information from NHS Lanarkshire on the health service consequences of Brexit is a cold, factual, professional identification of the “high impact” problems for the NHS. Brexit means that the country will have to pay more for drugs and treatment and they will have staff problems in hospitals and in community care. In other words the NHS will be unable to deliver the same device for the same money as before.

We all remember the Brexit bus advert that promised £350 million a year for the NHS from Brexit. They forgot to tell us that would be a cost not a benefit!

The trouble is there are similar assessments for just about every sector you can think of – University research – international crime – British citizens travelling in Europe – financial services – manufacturing – Scottish food products – space exploration – the list is endless and they all report that Brexit will make things difficult sand more expensive for their sector.

The reality is Brexit is undeliverable – on every front it is a rolling disaster. It is time to halt Brexit and let the public decide through a People’s Vote on the terms.

No one voted to make the country worse off and bankrupt the NHS.”


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