Nursery New build plans

16th August 2018

Comment by Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown on increases in Nursery School places

“The increase in nursery entitlement to 1140 hours is both long overdue and challenging. The target date is 2020 – only 2 years away – and there is a requirement both to build new nurseries and expand some existing ones. I was glad to support the proposal to build 6 new nursery facilities including a much needed one in Newton – at a total cost of £9million. It is urgent that these go ahead without delay.

Delivery of the 1140 hours depends, as it aways has, on partnership with the private sector nurseries and child care providers. I know from contact with nurseries in this area that there are concerns about the funding arrangements for them and this needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. I have already had correspondence with the Director of Education about this. That is a different issue from the Council’s 6 projects. There will be a huge expansion in nurseries by 2020 and there should be increasing business for the private providers who are a key part off the mix. “

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