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Rutherglen Reformer article 23rd June 2019

New Park opens 

On Saturday I went to the official opening of the £850,000 Fernbrae Meadows Park.

created on the site of the closed Blairbeth Golf course. Many people have already been round it and many more will do so over the next few months. A lot of work has gone into the project from the design and construction teams and by Friends of Fernbrae Park to ensure it is a success.

Rutherglen now has not just the historic Overtoun Park but Fernbrae Meadows at the top of the Burgh and Cuningar Loop at the bottom as well. They all look as if they will be well used.

Beat the Street needs to be built on

Back in March, the Beat the Street project was a roaring success throughout schools in Rutherglen and Lanark, inspiring children and their families alike to compete for points and prizes and, in doing so, to increase their walking and cycling – to school and to other local places. Next year Beat the Street is off to East Kilbride.

What a fantastic project and what fantastic outcomes – more walking and cycling, more exercise, great fun! The project cost £100,000 this year, funded by a combination of external funding from the Air Quality Action Fund and Paths for All (which aims to increase cycling and walking). However we now need three year support  for Beat the Street in Rutherglen linked to other i initiatives like walk to school days, cycling training, and school transport plans to reduce the number of vehicles on the school run and make safer routes to school.

Active Schools

So – walking, cycling, outdoor activities are on the up in Rutherglen. But this is all part of a wider agenda. Over the last few weeks I have, as Chair of the Cambuslang and Rutherglen Sports Council, attended a variety of sporting events for schools – football, rugby, running,, athletics – and seen the enthusiasm of the young people to which the superb talents of the Active Schools Coordinators make such a huge difference.

The goal of all these things is to foster a healthier society, young and old, less illness, less obesity, greater enjoyment of life. All the signs are that Rutherglen and South Lanarkshire are leading the way!

Robert Brown 

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