People’s Vote on Brexit moving closer

8th October 2018

It is time for everyone who opposes a hard Brexit and supports a European future for Scotland and Britain to stand up and be counted. Brexit can be stopped and the People’s Vote in the terms is the way to do it.

This was the assertion by Rutherglen Liberal  Democrat Councillor Robert Brown following comments by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP Conference that the SNP would vote in Parliament for a People’s Vote.

Robert Brown said:

Recent polls have shown that 89% of SNP voters support a People’s Vote on the Brexit terms and 86% of Labour voters held the same view.  It is not surprising that both the Labour leadership and the SNP have moved- albeit agonisingly slowly – towards backing the Liberal Democrats longstanding and consistent demand for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

However Brexit poses a huge threat to people’s livelihoods, security and public services – and I am bound to say I am struck by the half hearted way both Labour and the SNP have approached this. They both have other agendas – the SNP want to use the Brexit debate to push independence and Labour want to use it to push for a Labour Government. Brexit is however a unique national issue and it is time to put aside these other agendas in the interests of the country. Theresa May’s government has made an unprecedented hash of the whole thing – the negotiations have clearly been unsuccessful, the Government are left with a wide range of vital unresolved issues like Northern Ireland and the future relationship with the Single Market and the Customs Union, and we seem to be heading driverless towards a No Deal or cliff edge Brexit.

The case for a People’s Vote is moving closer and I welcome the SNP”s leadership belated support for it. It is though time for the SNP and Labour leadership to stop dithering, stop manoeuvring for party advantage on the issue  – and campaign wholeheartedly for the People’s Vote on the terms. It is coming closer – but only if the politicians speak up for the people and fight for it.”

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