Post Office apology is “mush and PR gobbledygook”

23rd September 2018

Following the extensive coverage in the Rutherglen Reformer last week about the continued closure of the Rutherglen Post Office, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Browwas highly critical of the official statement put out by the Post Office Spokesperson which he described as “mush and PR gobbledegook”.

Robert Browsaid:

“I have re-read the Post Office statement in the Reformer. It is certainly in the English language but I struggle to take any real meaning out of it. There is no indication at all of what steps are being taken to replace or re-open the Rutherglen branch; no undertaking that the Branch will be re-opened, and certainly no guarantee to Rutherglen customers o what is planned, if anything, or how long it will take to put in place.

Actions speak louder than words and there has been no public advertisement of the opportunity in the local press, nor is anyone aware of any approaches being made to local businesses in the Main Street or the Arcade to see if they might be interested in taking over the Post Office concession.

Quite simply, this is not good enough and the Post Office need to act right now to ensure a post office service in the Royal Burgh in the future. Every das this goes on, local people, not least the elderly and disabled, are inconvenienced by having to go elsewhere for their pensions or post office services.”

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