Post Office must act now on Rutherglen branch

12th September 2018

Commenting on the continued lack of progress on re-establishing a Rutherglen Post Office, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown said:

“The Post Office seem to have forgotten their primary obligation to the public. Rutherglen has now gone over 3 months with no post office service where there used to be a Crown Post Office. This causes inconvenience to local customers, not least the elderly, who have to travel to Burnside or elsewhere for a post office service. It also sends out entirely the wrong signal, namely that the Post Office is no longer interested in its customers.

I appreciate that there may have been confidential issues with the previous postmaster. That is now entirely irrelevant. The issue now is putting in place an alternative Post Office location. It is astonishing that the Post Office has made no announcement saying they are doing this, nor, as far as I know, have they advertised for interest from local businesses. I cannot believe there would not be an interested shop or retail premises in the Arcade or up and down the length of the Main Street.

I have myself just written further ton the Post Office about the unacceptable delay in going forward on this.

The Post Office should sort this out without further delay and let Rutherglen know what they propose to do to resolve the situation.”

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