Reflexions on summer, football … and Landemer

6th July 2018 Reformer Column

Landemer wins the prizes

Another successful Landemer Festival has been and gone, bathed in the sunshine of the best summer on record. Landemer is not just a Saturday occasion with stalls, entertainment and the Landemer Queen. It is a festival stretching over more than a week with events like the Fun Run, Art competition and music in hospitals as well. Its origins are obscure although, like Lanark’s Lanimer, it certainly has mediaeval origins, connected with the protection of the Royal Burgh’s boundary stones.Curiously there is a town called “Landemer” in Normandy – the Germans built a “Gun Battery Landemer” there as part of their Atlantic Wall defences in World War Two. Clearly there is a subject here for more research.

The World Cup

Sport is very much in the news this summer – with Wimbledon, a unique Scottish victory over England at cricket, and the football World Cup. I am not sure my blood pressure can take any more penalty shoot outs though!

Many politicians feel it necessary to have a football team they are passionate about. It is part of their image! Some SNP politicians however make it a point of honour never to support England – and went so far as to call votes in Parliament precisely when England were playing Columbia. Most people thought the stunt a bit pathetic – the SNP described it as “fighting austerity”.

 Prime Minister Harold Wilson boasted in 1966 that England only won the World Cup when Labour were in power. In 1970, England lost at the quarter finals – and Wilson lost the General Election a few days later. Football can bite back at politicians!

Today few of the leading Brexiteers seem to be football fans. Her advisers hinted that Theresa May might support Norwich City  but it is clear that the PM is not inspired by the game. Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are too busy plotting to have time for the distraction of football.

I rather think it might be good for the country if they lightened up a bit, found a football team and took the occasional day off from “negotiating” Brexit – the worst deal in history since the Americans elected Donald Trump!

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