Robert Brown: Budget is a “treading water” Budget, overshadowed by Brexit

28th October 2018

Commenting on the Chancellor’s Budget, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brownsaid:

“This was largely a standstill Budget with some giveaways funded by statistical errors in the forecasts. It failed on 2 main tests:

  • It is totally overshadowed by the threat of Brexit to the public finances. These costs could reach £80 billion a year if there is no deal with the EU. Even the Chancellor has found it necessary to squirrel away £15 billion towards paying for Brexit
  • It doesn’t end austerity – that could only be done by raising taxes. As we know, schools, hospitals, council services are all under pressure – as are the wages and incomes of many families.

Liberal Democrats demand better than this. We needed a Budget that gave people fairer taxes and better public services, and a final say on the Brexit deal. Today, we got none of that with Philip Hammond’s ‘treading water” Budget”. 

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