Robert Brown comments on General Election result

9th June 2017

Following the declaration of the results, Rutherglen & Hamilton West Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Brown said:

“Many congratulations to Gerard Killen on his victory. The Liberal Democrat vote doubled in Rutherglen & Hamilton West which is very welcome but our focus at this election was always to win in our target seats across Scotland.

I am delighted that the Liberal Democrats have gone up from 1 to 4 seats across Scotland and have knocked out the SNP in Edinburgh West, East Dunbartonshire and Caithness – and only missed in North East Fife by an agonizing 2 votes.

The big losers were the SNP in Scotland and the Conservatives across the United Kingdom.

The story of the night was the demolition of the damaging and divisive SNP stranglehold on Scotland with their loss of 21 seats. This must mean the end of the unwanted second independence referendum for a long time.

But the minority situation in Westminster also means that there is a better chance of avoiding the disaster of the hard Brexit the Conservatives have been pushing down our throats. It is time for the Prime Minister to show some statesmanship, ditch her meaningless rhetoric and try to work as closely with Europe as possible in all our interests. My personal prediction is that the Brexit negotiations will unravel and that the minority Conservative government will not last unless she genuinely tries to build a wider consensus that will unite Britain rather than further divide us.

Both a bit of SNP humility on the independence referendum and a change of heart by the Tories on their hard Brexit strategy would be highly welcome to most people in Rutherglen & Cambuslang.”

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