Robert Brown comments on Parliamentary Boundary proposals

19th October 2017

Commenting on the Boundary Commission proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat councillor Robert Brown said:
“I am strongly against losing Rutherglen from the constituency name. People identify strongly with historic communities, not least in Rutherglen with its historic Royal Burgh status.
The actual boundaries at least keep Rutherglen and Cambuslang intact within one constituency although I think a link with Bothwell and Uddingston might have been a more obvious link.
This is being driven mainly by the Conservative Government however because it is thought likely to benefit them. It would be a great shame if the historic Rutherglen Parliamentary name disappeared as a side product of the weakness of Teresa May’s Government.
At present it looks as if these proposals may be locked into the long grass because of the strength of political opposition to them in Westminster.”

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