Robert Brown – “People will expect us to spend their money wisely”

28th January 2018

Commenting on the revised Budget proposals for South Lanarkshire, Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown called for action on safe routes to school and other traffic hotspots.

Robert Brown said:

“I am delighted that pressure from Liberal Democrats and others in the Scottish Parliament has resulted in long overdue better funding for local Councils. Councils have been badly funded by the SNP Government for too long.

This gives South Lanarkshire Council the chance to drop some of the cuts to education, road maintenance and social work in particular – and to propose some new initiatives for the voluntary sector in particular.  I support the broad thrust of the proposals going to the Executive Committee on Wednesday but I think we have a rare opportunity to act on other issues too. People will rightly expect us to spend their money wisely.

The bad winter this year has put the spotlight on the potholes caused by the big freeze but I want to see a greater emphasis on safe routes to school and to local facilities. I want to see more resources focused on tackling traffic hotspots, improving crossing points for older people and parents with prams, slowing traffic in residential areas and making our local communities safer for residents.”

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