Robert Brown says “Liberal Democrats can change the direction of our country”

22nd May 2017

A clarion call to local voters to vote Liberal Democrat and “change the direction of our country” has been issued by Liberal Democrat candidate Robert Brown with the general election less than 3 weeks away.

Robert Brown said that people were fed up with an excess of politics and with the uncertainty of Brexit and the further independence referendum threatened by the SNP. He condemned the unappealing and damaging choice offered by the other Parties of:

  • a hard Brexit and the punishing threat to elderly people needing care from Theresa May and Ruth Davidson’s Tories,
  • the total uncertainty of where Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party stands on everything from Europe to defence to benefits, or
  • an SNP failing our schools and hospitals whilst obsessing about another independence referendum.

Robert Brown said:

“It really is time to change the whole direction of our country. Only the Liberal Democrats offer a package of common sense on Europe and the future of the United Kingdom, healing divisions rather than stoking them – allied to a package of progressive reforms which will help the NHS, guarantee the future of our older people, reverse the decline in our schools and give mental health, particularly of young people, the priority it deserves.

The more Liberal Democrat MPs on June 8th, the better the deal on Europe. The more Liberal Democrat MPs, the more jobs and money for the NHS and schools. The more Liberal Democrat MPs, the brighter our future – after the mess being made by the current Government.

We will protect Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom by developing modern, federal institutions across the UK. Our penny on the income tax from dividends will provide the resources to transform mental health. The triple lock on the state pension introduced has guaranteed a rising income to pensioners – secured by Liberal Democrats in government – and will be protected against Theresa May’s cuts. Our programme to borrow for investment in housing and infrastructure will boost the economy and improve public services, whilst lifting the pay cap on public sector pay will give our hard-pressed public service employees a stake in the future.”

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