Robert Brown – “It is time to move on from the divisions of the Independence Debate

18th September 2017

On the 3rd anniversary of Scotland voting to stay in the United Kingdom, it is time to move on to build a new partnership between the nations and regions of Britain. That was the call this week from Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown.

Robert Brown said:

“The independence referendum has left deep scars and divisions on Scotland. Now that the prospect of a further divisive referendum has faded following the General Election, it is time to look forward and develop a new, modern relationship amongst the nations and regions of the United Kingdom which will endure for the future.

Such a relationship has to balance identity and loyalty to Scotland, Britain and local communities like Rutherglen or Glasgow that the vast majority of people feel in different degrees.

Liberal Democrats have always argued for a federal United Kingdom – the same sort of set up which exists in many parts of the Commonwealth like Australia, Canada or South Africa and in many parts of Europe like Germany or Switzerland as well, of course, as in the United States. This is a relationship where people choose to be both Scottish and British and take pride in both.

I think it is the job of Liberal Democrats to lead the way forward just as we were a key part of the partnership which created the Scottish Parliament within the United Kingdom in 1999. Our new UK leader, Vince Cable, is a real asset as the Tory Government drifts rudderless onto the rocks and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has still not managed to decided its policy towards the European Union.

I worked hard in 2014 with colleagues in other Parties to make sure the threat of independence was defeated and that Scotland stayed in the United Kingdom. Now I want to make sure that the structures of the United Kingdom itself are fit for the future and that people across Britain’s nations and regions are again in family partnership, pulling together for our common UK good, as well as forging Scottish solutions to specific Scottish problems.”

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