Robert Brown welcomes Cathkin Tenant Co-op agreement

4th November 2018

Cathkin Braes Tenant Management Co-operative has won a renewal of its agreement with South Lanarkshire Council to manage over 200 council houses in Cathkin for a further 5 year period. The Co-op – run by a tenant committee from the area – has managed the properties for over 30 years. The new agreement was approved by the Council’s Housing Committee at its meeting on Wednesday.

Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown who represents the Cathkin area gave a warm welcome to the decision.

Robert Brownsaid:

“I am delighted that Cathkin Braes TM Co-operative has won such a vote of confidence from the Council – based not least on the high satisfaction rates it gets from local residents.

Cathkin is the only Tenant Management Co-operative which remains in South Lanarkshire but I would like to see the Council look at this idea in other areas, particularly ones with a lot of tenement houses. The Council told me at the Housing Committee that they were supportive of future Co-ops but that initiatives to start them needed strong support from local residents.

Cathkin Co-op is successful because it is run locally by local people and is responsive to local needs.

The Council report commented: “Cathkin Braes TMC is  successful, tenant led organisation that performs well, delivers good outcomes and is well regarded by tenants living in the area.” There was a satisfaction rating of 98% in an independent survey. That speaks for itself.”

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