Robert Brown welcomes Good news for Springhall Hall, library and shops

1st March 2018

The public buildings in Springhall are to have a major rebuild with £450,000 of spending allocated in the Council’s capital programme over the next 2 years. Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat Councillor, who represents Springhall on the Council, has been campaigning on the issue for some time. He gave a warm welcome to the announcement.

Robert Brown said:

“This is great news. Since I was elected to the Council, I have been pressing for the public buildings in Springhall to be dealt with. I have pushed the case in discussions with the Chief Executive and his senior officials and with the successive Council Administrations of the day. I am delighted that this has pad off and that there is now a solid proposal to invest in the buildings.

The library is bright, attractive and well used but it is upstairs with no disabled access and the building is in a poor state. The shops and carpark are 1960s style buildings and no particularly attractive although the shop owners have recently done a lot to modernise and improve the internal parts of the buildings. The Hall is sturdy but has only the one large area with no smaller multi use spaces apart from the two tiny Committee rooms.

The detailed plans are currently being developed and will be consulted on in the near future. Broadly the proposal is to redevelop the Hall to include a high quality community space incorporating a flexible training and learning centre, integrated IT facilities, kitchen and pop up café, multi use area, informal meeting space and external community green space. The library will be moved over the road and the shops will probably have a pitched roof added.

My own view is that the funding suggested is too low to do the job properly but the main thing is to get the project approved in principle. Now it is part of the capital programme, we have a good basis to go forward.

The Hall, library and shops are the gateway to Springhall and their redevelopment will give a major boost to the area.”

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