Rutherglen Liberal Democrats out in streets with Brexitometer

19th November 2018

Local Liberal Democrats were hitting the streets in Rutherglen on Friday in support of their campaign for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit. The Party ran a street stall in Main Street, Rutherglen with a Brexitometer survey on public attitudes. The results showed an overwhelming majority of people in the Rutherglen area supported both a People’s Vote on the terms and stating in the EU.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown said:

“Our Street stall was part of a Scottish Liberal Democrat Action Weekend across Scotland in support of a People’s Vote. It was by chance well timed as it followed shortly after the Prime Minister announced her newest proposals for a Brexit deal with the European Union – which has been roundly condemned from all sides. Our Brexitometer was very popular with lots of people keen to express their views.

Brexit threatens to cause huge damage to our economy, security and environment and the deal Theresa May has secured has utterly disintegrated. Brexit will hurt the pockets of ordinary people and leave the United Kingdom weakened.

This is not inevitable. Liberal Democrats demand better. There is a growing tide of public opinion in favour of a Peoples Vote and of staying in the European Union. Only last week, Liberal Democrats got the Scottish Parliament to back a People’s Vote for the first time. Last month, there was za huge March I London which attracted about 700,000 people in support of a People’s Vote.

MSPs and MPs who back the People’s Vote are fast forming the biggest and most cohesive bloc in British politics. Every day, more and more people are coming to the conclusion that the public should have their say on the final Brexit deal.”

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