SNP and Brexit – Letter to Reformer

23rd September 2018

Dear Sir,

It does appear that the growing demand for a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexiit is causing a lot of confusion in the ranks of SNP/Independence supporters – as evidenced by the letter from Robert Brennan (Reformer 12th September 2018).

The SNP are now the only anti-Brexit Party who have not backed giving the final decision on the Brexit terms to the people. The People’s Vote is now backed by the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, many people in the Labour Party like Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, and increasing numbers of pro-European Conservatives like Justine Greening and Sarah Wollaston. More importantly it is now increasingly backed by the public in opinion polls.

Robert Brennan says that this is because Nicola Sturgeon “understands the complexities and dangers in this regarding any future independence referendum”. He is undoubtedly right because the SNP view absolutely everything through the prism of how it affects independence.

However the SNP position is neither very noble nor very sensible in Scotland’s interests. This is not the time for such narrow, partisan considerations. Every day that passes demonstrates more clearly just how disastrous Brexit will be for Scotland and for Britain. More and more people are recognising that a People’s Vote on the terms is the only democratic way out of the mess. Time is running out for the SNP and I suspect that Scottish voters will not forgive them if they let down Scotland on Brexit.

Let me also respond briefly to John Reilly (Reformer 19thSeptember 2018)who thinks it is undemocratic and a sell out to the elites to take the final decision on Brexit back to the people/ I couldn’t disagree more. The political elites in Parliament – particularly the Prime Minister, the hard Brexit ex Tory Ministers and the Labour Opposition – have totally failed to find a way forward out of what is clearly a looming disaster. Now the only way out is to let the people make the final decision.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Brown

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Rutherglen South

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