Time for Post Office to Act on Rutherglen closure

14th July 2018

The continued closure of Rutherglen’s Main Street Post Office requites urgent action by the Post Office organisation, according to local Liberal Democrats. The Post Office facility at 217 Main Street was run under franchise by a local shopkeeper in the Premier Convenience Store until the business closed down in June.

Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brownthis week demanded that the Post Office took urgent action to restore a service for people in the Burgh.

Robert Brown said:

“The Post Office, despite recent reorganisation, is a public service in a privileged position. It has public responsibilities to the local community. Liberal Democrats campaigned against the original closure of the Crown Post Office in the historic Post Office building next to the Town Hall. Closing the Crown Post Office has proved to be a big mistake which has left regular uncertainty in its wake.

Like others I have made representation to the Post Office about the situation but have only had bland replies. The Post Office is understandably tight lipped about its arrangements with the previous postmaster. Whatever the background to that, Rutherglen now lacks a main post office in the town centre which is an unacceptable position.

It is time for the Post Office to step up to the mark, identify a new location for the main Post Office and get the facility up and running again. There is no obvious reason why the position could not be advertised now or approaches made to some of the other shops in the Main Street area or the Arcade to provide the Post Office facility.

I know anecdotally of older people having to trail up to Burnside or to one of the other Post offices. Rutherglen is the main local centre – most of the buses feed into it; it is the most convenient location for many people from around the area. It is high time local people in the Royal Burgh had a Post Office again.”

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