Time for Programmed Maintenance of Council houses – Robert Brown

27th May 2018

South Lanarkshire Council’s Housing Repairs Policy Review threw up some criticism at last week’s meeting of the Housing & Technical Resources Committee.

Rutherglen South Liberal Democrat CouncillorRobert Brownsaid the document was “deliberately vague” in the way it dealt with programmed maintenance of things like gutters, close painting and slab repairs. He said it was time the Council had a programme for checking and maintaining routine issues like that.

Robert Brownsaid:

“The reality is that there is not a proper programme for when closes and external areas get painted or gutters cleared. Consequently there were tenement buildings right across Rutherglen that had not been painted for years and others where weeds were growing from gutters. The painting programme has slipped from 5 years to 10 years before it even began.

I know there are problems with divided ownership – some council tenants, some owner -occupiers, some private tenants – in individual blocks. However it must have a higher priority to get on top of this.

The Council say they do 5 yearly checks on the condition of properties but this must be followed by speedier action to tackle the issues shown up. Many tenants simply don’t know what is happening in their areas on repair programmes.”

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