UK Public opinion on Europe will change

UK Public opinion on Europe will change – just like the Iraq War

There is a long way yet to go in the debate over Britain’s future in the European Union, according to Rutherglen Liberal Democrat Councillor Robert Brown. Robert Brown said it was “highly likely” that public opinion on Europe would change dramatically, just as it did on the Iraq War.

Robert Brown said:

“There is a strong case for giving the public a say on the terms of Brexit when the Prime Minister has concluded her negotiations. It is the right and democratic thing to do. When the EU referendum was held, there was no plan, no White Paper, no negotiating brief. People had contradictory ideas as to what they wanted.

My personal view is that the case for Brexit will unravel during the negotiations under the weight of the many challenges. There could be a total change round of opinion, just as there was over the Iraq War.

In April 2003, a big majority thought that the Iraq War was justified. A YouGov poll at that time showed support for the Iraq War stood at 66%. The Liberal Democrats and Charles Kennedy got howled at in Parliament and by the media for opposing the war.  But opinions changed. By September 2004 support had fallen to 38%. Now you would be hard pressed to find anyone who thought it had been a good thing.

If the Brexit deal damages jobs, the economy, the environment and our security – when we see the real consequences of Brexit – it will be time to ask a new question and have a public vote on the outcome.

Liberal Democrats will continue to make the case for Europe, the only Party doing so without hidden agendas.”

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