Unlocking Liberalism:

Life after the Coalition

edited by Robert Brown, Nigel Lindsay and Gillian Gloyer

This new collection of essays from Liberal Futures follows the initiative of The Little Yellow Book in developing a Liberalism of the People and providing thought-provoking ideas on current issues, It sets a direction of travel which aims to re-establish the anti-establishment, challenging, coruscating radicalism which is our Party and our movement at its best, fighting for the underdog and the general interest so often neglected by the focus groups and spin doctors who pass for political thinking in the 21st century.

Includes an introduction by Charles Kennedy, four perspectives on the UK Coalition and essays by:

  • David Steel on Scotland and Britain after the Referendum
  • Graham Watson on the future of Europe
  • Duncan Exley of the Equality Trust on the folly of high pay
  • Moving forward from austerity by Prateek Buch
  • Human Rights under challenge by Robert Brown

You can order a copy of Unlocking Liberalism by contacting Robert or from Fastprint.